Themes and Topics

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions via the Online Submission System. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Fuzzy Set Theory, Algorithm and System
Mathematical foundations of fuzzy systems
Multi-granular cognitive computation
Fuzzy optimization and modeling
Fuzzy decision and support systems
Fuzzy system architectures and hardware
Fuzzy classification
Fuzzy complex systems
Fuzzy control and robotics system
Fuzzy electronics systems
Fuzzy systems in machine learning
Fuzzy systems in video games
Evolutionary and hybrid systems
Rough set theory
Three-way decisions
Fuzzy Application
Fuzzy databases and information retrieval
Fuzzy pattern recognition and image processing
Fuzzy sets and logic in ontology, web, and social networks
Fuzzy sets in operations research and manufacturing
Fuzzy financial forecasting
Fuzzy preference modeling
Fuzzy neural networks
Intelligent agents and ambient intelligence
Learning, adaptive, and evolvable fuzzy systems
Explainable AI based on fuzzy logic
Interdisciplinary Field of Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining
Applications in electrical engineering
Applications in manufacturing engineering
Applications in industrial engineering
Applications in chemical engineering
Applications in mechanical engineering
Applications in civil engineering
Applications in engineering management
Applications in bioengineering
Applications in biomedical engineering
Applications in environmental issues
Applications in economic and statistic issues
Data Mining
Scalable data preprocessing
Big data and data stream mining
Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
Graph and subgraph mining
Text, video, multimedia data mining
Web mining
High performance data mining algorithms
Data mining visualization
Security and privacy issues
Competitive analysis of mining algorithms
Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce
Massive data mining
Special Session on "Applied Mathematics and Intelligent Algorithms for Modern Industry (AMIAMI)"
Development and application of intelligent algorithms in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, finance, energy, insurance, and telecommunications.
Case studies showcasing successful implementation of mathematics models and algorithms in solving real-world industrial problems
Advances in computational methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that contribute to industrial applications
Theoretical and practical challenges in applying mathematics and algorithmic solutions in the industry
Future trends and emerging technologies in the field of applied mathematics and intelligent algorithms for industry
Ethical, legal, and societal implications of deploying algorithmic solutions in an industrial context
Special Session on "Application of Generative AI"
Industrial applications of generative AI in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and other industries
Techniques and applications of Image and Video generation
Ethical and legal considerations for generative AI
Tutorial for Generative AI models, development tools, such as prompt engineering, LangChain, etc.
Generative AI application evaluation
MLOps for Generative AI
Fine tuning and in-context learning of Large Language Model (LLM)
Mitigation of LLM hallucinations
Special Session on "Safeguard AI-based Automotive and Automation Product"
Needed infrastructure to enable safety AI
Process and methodology to enable safety AI development
Evaluate the safety of AI
The toolchain which can facilitate safer AI
Collection and generation of effective dataset
Safety assessment of Large Model AI output

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